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All pets are secure on the table and in the bath tub!  The table is covered with a non skid mat and the grooming arm is equipped with a “Groomers Helper” which secures your pet with the collar that hangs from the overhead grooming arm and a side hook that is attached to the collar.  This side hook keeps the collar from pulling on the trachea and keeps the pet from spinning around or falling off the table!

Keep in mind that legs are lifted during the grooming process, if you have an elderly pet or a pet that has arthritis, you might want to check with your veterinarian to see if it would be ok to give him/her a baby aspirin before the groom. 


To wrap up safety…if you feel that your pet has been injured at all after his/her groom PLEASE call  as soon as possible so that we may discuss the issue.



Before the grooming process and after,  your pet’s skin is inspected.  If any irritations are noticed before or after the groom we will discuss it with you. 


During the sanitary trim which consists of shaving the tummy, penis, testes or vulva, the blade is only swiped once or twice to remove any excess hair.  The anus is never touched with the blade as the fur is shaved around it.

*Clipper burn or clipper irritation should never happen during the sanitary trim as the blade is only swiped

  once or twice over these areas.

       "Clipper burn" happens with a blade that has been running for a long time and heats up.

       "Clipper irritation"  happens if the blade is swiped over and over and over again on one area.  


During the trimming of the nails a rotary power sander (Dremel tool) is used, this is why when

you feel their nail after a groom they are not sharp.  You may have thought that we forgot to do

the nails, but this is the FIRST thing we do during the grooming process; using a power sander

they do not feel like they were cut!

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